FROM THE PRACTITIONERS: Try an Element Scalp Massage

Head on over the Element for a scalp massage! Scalp massages offer tremendous benefits, besides the obvious mesmerizing comfort and feeling of tranquility.They stimulate blood flow to and from the skin, which boosts the oxygen supply, aids in lymphatic drainage, and improves the suppleness of the skin.

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A Round-Up of Natural Remedies

From turmeric to chamomile, grapefruit seed extract to bone broth, experts seem to have their own personal favorites for natural remedies. I am honored to have been a part of 18 experts sharing a wealth of information. Read on for more favorites, including recipes and ideas about having a healthy home without the intrusion of chemicals. Is it time to reboot your ways?

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Mindfulness in Times of Transition

As summer ends and we try to establish route, things can feel pretty chaotic and overwhelming. If you have children, they are no doubt going though a bit of transition into a new school year. New people to meet, new expectations, and, for some, a whole cultural shift and new school. How can we hang on to that spacious feeling of summer in amidst it all? Here are a few tips.

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We Love the Love!

Positive reviews mean so much! After years of time and dedication, we are grateful for the wonderful feeling of knowing we've had a positive influence on people's lives. Better health means better quality of life. I treasure the support of our clients, patients, and the beautiful neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. We feel lucky to be part of the community.

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Keeping an Eye on Fall SAD

The days are starting to get a just a bit darker, earlier and earlier. Many of us dread this shift after having much fun basking in the rays of the sun. Unfortunately, many people start to feel the affects of a seasonal depression, even this early in the fall.

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The Roots of Labor Day

The celebration of Labor Day has come to mean the unofficial end of summer: the last weekend for beach-going, barbecuing, and taking advantage of massive store-wide sales. Banish your summer whites, put away the picnic baskets, and stock up on school supplies. Summer's over!

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