Memorial Day Safety Tips

The first weekend of summer is here, at last, which means long leisurely days in the sun, weekend trips, outdoor cooking, and all the other hallmarks of summertime. This poster from the American Safety Council gives us the facts, and nothing but the facts. For more information, check out:

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We asked Chelsea Horenstein license acupuncturist, to name her favorite acupuncture point. "With over 365 acupuncture points along channels on the body, picking a favorite one is a tall order. There are those points that we gravitate to, usually from seeing their clinical results, but also to witness how their synergistic role in a point prescription functions to remedy disharmony in the body and spirit, and elevates the treatment to a different level of healing.

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Yin Tang

Yin Tang is a commonly used acupuncture point located between the eyebrows. It is used to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and agitation, help insomnia, benefit the sinuses, relieve congestion, and alleviate headache pain.

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Art, Mindfulness, Creativity, and Children

As an artist and mindfulness and meditation teacher, I feel that these fields run together. My artwork tends to be contemplative and meditative, and, over the years, I have gradually developed a program called the Art of Meditation. It is a program for both adults and children but let's continue the recent blogging theme focusing on — children.

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FROM THE PRACTITIONERS: An Introduction to Zero Balancing

The Nuts and Bolts Developed by Fritz Smith, MD in the early 1970s, Zero Balancing is a powerful body-mind therapy that uses skilled touch to address the relationship between energy and structures of the body. Following a protocol that typically lasts 30 to 55 minutes, the practitioner uses finger pressure and gentle traction on areas of tension in the bones, joints and soft tissue to create fulcrums, or points of balance, around which the body can relax and reorganize.

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Interviews with Wanderlust Weekly

Recently I was approached by Wanderlust Weekly, a travel + lifestyle guide covering conscious people, products, and destinations around the world. They had a few questions regarding our exceptional Brooklyn establishment, Element Natural Healing Arts. Wanderlust Weekly: What inspired the creation of Element Natural Healing Arts?

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