Boosting Fertility with Herbs

Many people ask about herbs for fertility. Herbs can be beneficial, work harmoniously with the body, and be used to really focus on particular concerns of fertility. Whether the issue comes from follicular growth, egg quality, ovulation concerns, uterine lining deficits, implantation, elevated immune response, stress, or something hard to define, there are herbs that can guide the body to a more balanced state, allowing for increased fertility potential.

The many options and recommendations vary tremendously, based on the herbalist, naturopath, primary care provider, specialist, or reproductive endocrinologist offering herbal advise. As an experienced herbalist and acupuncturist, my recommendations also vary, depending on the individual and her unique needs. I do rely on one particular collection from Evergreen herbs that has been very successful with my patients. This collection is based on four different formulas tailored to the stages of the menstrual cycle: Blossom Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4.

Blossom Phase 1 is taken during the period. This formula contains 8 herbs to promote a healthy shedding of the endometrial tissue, regulation of menstrual flow, and circulation.

Blossom Phase 2 is taken the week post-period. Phase 2 contains 17 herbs. This formula is used during the follicular phase to ensure healthy follicular growth and development for conception and promote a healthy uterine lining.

Blossom Phase 3 is taken the week of ovulation. Phase 3 contains 13 herbs and is used to promote healthy ovulation. (Blossom Phase 2 and Phase 3 can be combined if the ovulation time is uncertain.)

Blossom Phase 4 is taken the week before the period. This formula has 14 herbs and helps with PMS, stress, fluid metabolism, inflammation, and preparation for a healthy menstrual cycle. Blossom Phase 4 should NOT be taken if actively trying to conceive.

If you are actively trying to get pregnant, omit Blossom Phase 4 and continue taking Blossom 2 or Blossom 3, separately or combined, until a positive pregnancy test or until the menstrual cycle begins.

The common dosage is 4 pills 3 times a day or 6 pills 2 times a day. If you are over 40 then the dose can increase to 6 pills 3 times a day. A bottle of 100 capsules costs $31.

Herbs are be safe and beneficial when taken properly. If you are having problems conceiving or have issues with normal cycles, reach out to Element Natural Healing Arts. We also offer acupuncture that can boost fertility and regulate menstrual cycles. Whether it’s herbs, acupuncture, or a combination, we will do our best to help you reach your goal.


Acupuncturist, herbalist, Maya abdominal practitioner, and reflexologist Christina Morris is the founder of Element Natural Healing Arts. Writing about health and wellness gives her an outlet to express her care and concern for her beloved community. She believes everyone can achieve better health and happiness–emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.