CBD Massage

Why a CBD massage? Why not just a regular massage? What’s the real difference?

As a member of Element’s front desk team, I’ve heard these questions over and over as more of our clients become curious about CBD. Thanks to the tremendous media attention CBD has received recently, most people are aware of its pain-relieving and anxiety reducing qualities. But it’s not as commonly known that CBD massage can help the body really get the most out of massage therapy, to truly accept it on a deeper level.

Many clients want a very thorough therapeutic massage, but when the therapist reaches a tricky knot or a sensitive area, like the feet or hamstrings, the muscles tighten or jump involuntarily. This works against the therapist’s treatment, as they can only work as deeply as the muscles will permit. CBD can help remedy this issue because it works on the level of the muscles themselves, slowing and quieting the signals between the brain and the muscles that create those ticklish or jumpy sensations. This is the greatest and most overlooked benefit of incorporating topical and oral CBD into a massage.

At Element, we offer massages lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Schedule an appointment and see the difference for yourself!

Clara E.

Originally from upstate New York, Clara moved to Brooklyn in the spring of 2017 to finish her undergraduate degree and pursue her passions for architectural restoration, music composition, and visual art. She works as a receptionist at Element. In her free time, Clara likes to explore new neighborhoods, go to museums, and play the piano.

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