Fancy a Cuppa?

Baby it’s cold outside. Warm up with a healthy cup of tea, decaffeinated if possible. Avoiding caffeine may not be easy, but finding alternatives can certainly help break the caffeine habit, keep you warm, and offer some health advantages.

1. Peppermint tea. Needing a little lift? Peppermint will perk you up and is also good for digestion.
2. Chamomile tea. Calm down, relax your shoulders, and enjoy sipping a sweet, soothing brew.
3. Nettle tea. Feeling a little sneezy? This tea offers a nice immune boost and can help strengthen the blood, giving a little energy for those who need it.
4. Ginger tea. Providing a delicious zing with some digestive comfort and immune support.
5. Lemon Balm. Get a little lift with lemon balm, an herb related to the mint family. Great for a mood adjustment and also to helps with sleep and anxiety.
6. Milk thistle tea. After a fun night out some, nettle tea should set you straight & help rebalance your system, offering liver support for detoxing and cleansing.
7. Red roobios tea. Add a pop color to your day with a beautifully colored red tea, high in antioxidants.
8. Barley tea. Relax and enjoy the nutty flavor of barley tea as it gets your blood circulating.
9. Hibiscus tea. Decompress with this beautiful red tea. Beneficial during stressful times that could cause your blood pressure to rise.
10. Chaga Tea, brewed from chaga mushrooms. Used in Europe since the 16th century, this unusual tea will boost immunity, regulate blood sugar, and reduce inflammation.