Summertime changes all the rules, and the whole world feels free & easy. We asked our practitioners to name their favorite things about the long days of summer.

“Blueberries.” –Alyssa, owner/manager
“Beach surf days!” –Armie, acupuncturist
“Free concerts in the parks!”–Casey, massage therapist
“Mr. Softee’s ice cream!”–Catherine, assistant
“More sunlight to play outdoors longer.”–Christina, owner/founder/acupuncturist/ herbalist/ reflexologist/ Maya abdominal therapy practitione”Beautiful sunsets later at night.” –Ivana, receptionist
“People are generally nicer.” — Josh, massage therapist
“Tanning at the beach.”–Kaicye, assistant
“Not rushing the kids out for school!” –Kelly, massage therapist
“Eating summer vegetables.” –Lauren, massage therapist
“Any meal can become a picnic.” –Maddie, receptionist
“The air conditioning!” –the ghost of Element