Summer can be magical, but the flip side is the seemingly unrelenting heat and humidity that can be totally suffocating in the concrete urban landscape.

We asked our practitioners their best strategies for beating the heat:

“Coconut water.” — Alyssa, owner/office manager

“Going to the beach!” — Armie, acupunctuirst

“Ice and shade … lots of shade.” — Catherine, assistant

“Iced herbal teas.”– Christina, owner/ founder/acupuncturist/ herbalist/ reflexologist/ Maya abdominal therapy practitioner

“Wearing fewer clothes.” — Ivana, receptionist

“Swimming anywhere and everywhere (oceans, lakes, rivers, pools).” — Jenny, massage therapist

“Cups of ice, water, coconut water.” — Kaicye, assistant

“Cold water and air conditioning.” – Oyama, massage therapist

“Cold showers.” — Sean, assistant