Halloween: Love it or Hate it?

Nobody’s neutral on this one. Kids love the costumes, chaos, and candy. Some adults embrace it with gusto, throwing themselves into over-the-top ensembles and outrageous decor. Others want to hide under the bed until it’s over.

We asked our practitioners what they love/hate about the Great Pumpkin Fest. Turns out they are a very spirited lot!

“Pumpkin seeds!”– Alyssa, owner/office manager

“The monster mash.” — Casey, massage therapist

“Love our theme costumes! We dress up together as a family. This year it’s mystical: unicorn, dragon, knight, and medieval princess.” — Christina, owner/founder, acupuncturist, herbalist, Maya abdominal practitioner, and reflexologist, & Oyama, massage therapist

“I love everything about Halloween, but not the people who commit crimes/acts of violence just because it’s Halloween. My favorite part is seeing all the costumes.” — Ivana, receptionist

“I love everything about Halloween! The colors, the costumes, and I love all things spooky!” — Jenny, massage therapist

“Love pumpkin and gore!” — Kelly, massage therapist

“Good time for rituals and connecting with ancestors. I’m going to dress up as a sunflower.” — Vie, massage therapist