Plan a Phone Vacation

Now that August is upon us, full-blown vacation season is here. Vacations can bring relaxation and serenity, adventure and new perspectives, and a break from the rigors of daily life. They can also bring pressures from the inevitable missed flights and inexplicable delays and lost luggage and bad food that come during a time we are trying to ditch all our mundane problems and have photo-op worthy escapes.

One more element of our daily lives puts stranglehold on the ideal of a carefree vacation: our ubiquitous phones. According to research, Americans check their phones about 80 times a day while on vacation, with some people taking a quick peek more than 300 times a day. Even amidst the most gorgeous exotic landscape, most people look at their phones about every 12 minutes.

To ban the phone entirely is as unreasonable and it is impractical, since phones provide maps, directions, museum hours, and translation help, as well as a camera among many other necessities. But there are reasonable ways of limiting phone use so that you can really lose yourself in your time away from home. Come up with a good strategy for walking that fine line between dependence and productivity, and stick to it!

Good luck & bon yoyage!

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