Darryl A.

Shiatsu Therapist

Darryl is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute for Shiatsu (2006) and is an American Council on Exercise certified trainer (1996), a martial artist, and a Taoist yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation practitioner. His formal academic education includes an Associates in engineering, a B.S. in Psychology from Penn State, and is currently seeking a Master's in Leadership Psychology from Penn State. In addition Darryl has traveled several times to Japan and has studied and mentored with various Chinese and Japanese healing Masters including the renown Stephen Brown, sought after as a master teacher, instructor and practitioner of the Japanese healing arts. Darryl's Shiatsu style includes a blend of Chinese Tui Na, deep tissue, and sports massage, along with of course Five Phase Meridian Therapy, and Meridian Touch Yoga. He has worked with collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes, as well as celebrities. Darryl's methodology is firmly based in the Taoist & Zen approaches to mind-body healing and the life philosophy of the Tao.