Deanne M.

Alexander Technique Practitioner, MELT Method Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor

Deanne became a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1993, completing a 3 year training with Ann Rodiger in New York City, with subsequent post-graduate training in London at the renowned Constructive Teaching Centre. In 2010, she became a certified teacher in alignment-based Hatha yoga under the training of Kenny Graham and Tara Glazier, Zhenja la Rosa, Bridget Woods-Kramer and Harshada Wagner. Most recently, Deanne became licensed to teach the MELT Method and is thrilled to add this ground-breaking technique of body knowledge and self-treatment to her repertoire of integrative movement and balancing techniques. Committed to sharing her passion for mind/body awareness through her multi-disciplinary approach, Deanne is continually inspired by students from a broad range of disciplines. She strives to  empower her students to make choices that allow them to use their voice and body in more efficient and effective ways, relieving pain and bringing greater ease, balance, and joy of expression to all areas of their lives.

Deanne has been using her body as her instrument for the past 20 years in her life as an internationally-acclaimed opera singer and actor. She holds degrees in both Vocal Performance and Western Philosophy, and has been committed to integrating mind and body awareness for her entire professional life. When at home in New York, Deanne teaches both group and private sessions for her movement and bodywork students. In conjunction with her international performing schedule, she enjoys teaching voice, movement, and MELT all over the world.