The Winter Hunch

In winter, people tend to walk around hunching their shoulders, bracing against the cold. It’s hard to avoid, but equally hard on the body.

The upper traps, rhomboids, levator scapulae, scalenes, and pectorals muscles suffer the most. I see many clients with tight, sore necks and upper backs. This posture can lead to chronic muscle tension and aggravate conditions such as nerve impingement and disc issues. One good habit to alleviate these issues is to check in with your body, noticing your posture in particular. Are your shoulders creeping up towards yours ears? Let them relax. Open your chest and pull your shoulders down. To ease the tension at home, you can also apply heat to the area, soaking in warm baths or letting the shower water flow over your neck and back for a few minutes. It feels good and also relaxes the mind, which leads to more relief. Regular massage can also address the clenched, stressed muscles and help minimize chronic hunching.

Jenny R., Lead Massage Therapist