Topical Pain Relief

At Element, we specialize in relieving aches and pains. In additional to massage, acupuncture, and cupping therapies, we offer a wide range of balms, creams, gels, and patches that help you feel your best. But with such a wide array, how do we make a customized recommendation? It all comes down to the ingredients and the application. Here’s a run-down of our most popular topical pain relief products.

Chinese Herbal Pain Relief
Some of our most popular topical pain relief products come from a Chinese tradition of wellness. A particular favorite with our clients is Po Sum On Medicated Oil. This fragrant red oil, made in Hong Kong, contains a blend of skullcap root, cinnamon oil, dragon’s blood resin, peppermint oil, and tea oil, all working in conjunction with menthol to sooth sore muscles, calm bruises, and reduce inflammation.

Our Pain Terminator patches are another go-to. These patches, containing a very comprehensive Chinese herbal pain relief formula, as well as wintergreen and menthol, can stick on affected areas for up to 8 hours, providing all-day relief for arthritis, menstrual cramps, strains, and more.

An excellent product is our Pain Stick from Blue Poppy Herbs. It’s a handy container, a little larger than a glue-stick, containing peppermint oil, tea oil, and Chinese herbs in a beeswax and vegetable oil balm that glides easily onto the skin, providing simple, on-the-spot relief for muscle pain.

CBD provides deep, long-lasting pain relief for muscle, joint, and nerve pain. We offer a cream from CBD Clinic, a balm from Charlotte’s Web, and a salve from Pure Rations. The CBD Clinic creams come in 5 levels. For the toughest of cases, CBD Clinic Level 5 is our usual recommendation. With over 1000 mg of CBD, it’s our most concentrated product. It also contains moderately high levels of menthol and camphor, which are also topical analgesics to boost the level of relief.

The top 2 levels of CBD Clinic products, because of the high levels of menthol and camphor, can produce an intense tingling sensation. While effective for reducing pain levels, that sensation is not always a welcome one. As an alternative, Charlotte’s Web Balm contains a high level of CBD, but with a little less of that cooling tingling feeling. We offer two sizes, 450 mg and 150 mg. Made by an pioneer in CBD, Charlotte’s Web Balm is renowned for its high absorption rate and a little goes a very long way, which makes Charlotte’s Web balms and tinctures a great value.

We offer another type of topical CBD, a salve from Pure Ratios, that forgoes menthol and camphor entirely, instead incorporating a range of essential oils and natural herbs, including the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory arnica and calendula, and the soothing and refreshing elderflower and turmeric. This product will provide a more gradual, yet long-lasting pain relief, without the numbing or tingling caused by the menthol and camphor in the other products. It all comes down the preference.

Our most popular homeopathic topical treatment is Arnicare, which comes in a gel and a cream. The active ingredient, Arnica, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing agent. It’s a perfect treatment for stiffness and soreness that comes from over-exertion or recovery from an injury. It has also been shown to effectively reduce discoloration and swelling from bruises, making it a useful product to keep in your medicine cabinet at all times!

Clara E.

Originally from upstate New York, Clara moved to Brooklyn in the spring of 2017 to finish her undergraduate degree and pursue her passions for architectural restoration, music composition, and visual art. She works as a receptionist at Element. In her free time, Clara likes to explore new neighborhoods, go to museums, and play the piano.