Word: 2019

Every time a new year begins, all talk centers around to make resolutions or not to make resolutions. That becomes the question.

Taking a cue from bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, what about coming up with ONE WORD to give use as a theme or guiding principle for the whole year ahead?

Here’s what the Element staff chose as their words for 2019:

“Growth.” — Alyssa, office manager & co-owner

“Ascension.” — Ashley, esthetician

“Integrity.” — Casey, massage therapist

“Focus.” — Christina, licensed acupuncturist/certified herbalist/certified reflexologist/ Maya Abdominal therapy practitioner/founder & co-owner

“Organize.” — Hal, massage therapist

“Manifest.” — Ivana, receptionist

“Transformation.” — Jenny, massage therapist

“Propulsion.” — Kelly, massage therapist

“Work.” — Oyama, massage therapist

❤– Patricia, craniosacral therapist & Reiki therapist

“Motivation.” — Tene, assistant