Workplace Eye Wellness Awareness Continues

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Awareness month. Eye health affects us all, even more as we get older. Being dependent on increasingly stronger prescription glasses or contacts, arming ourselves with reading glasses in every room, or squinting at things we used to see easily — this progression is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

Take good care of your eyes by limiting screen time, wearing special computer glasses to decrease eye strain when parked at that machine, giving your eyes a periodic break when on the computer for extended amounts of time, wearing quality sunglasses, taking appropriate eye health supplements, as well as herbs, and including ACUPUNCTURE in your eye health maintenance, of course.

UB 2 is one acupuncture point commonly used for eye health. It is also known as Urinary Bladder 2, Zan Zhu, or Gathered Bamboo. This acupuncture point is located on the inside part of the eyebrow where the hair begins, directly above the inner canthus, or inner part of the eye. UB 2 benefits the eyes and can also be helpful for certain kinds of headaches, sinus pain, and facial paralysis. Of course, this point is often used in conjunction with other acupuncture points. Treatment point selections vary based on each individual, his or her concerns and medical history.


Acupuncturist, herbalist, Maya abdominal practitioner, and reflexologist Christina Morris is the founder of Element Natural Healing Arts. Writing about health and wellness gives her an outlet to express her care and concern for her beloved community. She believes everyone can achieve better health and happiness–emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.